Why Does My Vape Cart Taste Burnt?

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Have you ever experienced a burnt or dry hit with a vape cartridge? If you have, you don’t even need to think about the answer because a burnt hit is bad enough to be unforgettable. You draw the vapor into your lungs expecting some yummy terpene-infused goodness – but instead, you feel a horrible burning sensation in your throat and start coughing uncontrollably. Needless to say, you want to do everything in your power to avoid a burnt vape.

So, why is your vape burnt? You can’t fix the problem unless you know what’s causing it – and in this guide, we’re going to go over every possibility. For every potential cause, we’ll discuss the symptoms and the solution. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll understand exactly what’s going on and should have no problem fixing it.

Your Device’s Power Level Is Too High

If there’s nothing wrong with the cartridge you’re using, the most likely reason why your vape tastes burnt is because you’re using a device with adjustable power, and the power is set too high. Premium 510-thread batteries like the Dial Vaporizer give you the ability to vape at different voltages and supply a little more power to your vape cartridge if it’s needed. Using a device with adjustable power, though, means that it’s possible to set the power too high. Most vape carts work great at very low power settings.

It’s important to note that if you’re vaping an oily concentrate, you’re always going to have the best experience with a device designed for oil carts. Although a vape cartridge may fit on a full-sized vape mod, you’re probably not going to have a good experience because vape mods are designed for tanks with much higher power requirements. With a vape mod, you will probably need to lower your device’s power all the way to prevent a burnt cart.

All Rokin Vapes devices are designed to work with oil carts.

You Didn’t Wait After Filling a New Cartridge

Are you buying and filling your own empty vape cartridges? Filling your own cartridges has some huge benefits compared to using pre-filled carts, but one major difference is that filling a cartridge yourself means you need to allow plenty of time for the oil to absorb into the wick before you begin vaping. With a very thick oil, it’ll usually take at least a half hour for the cartridge’s ceramic core to become completely saturated. While the oil absorbs into the ceramic, you’ll probably see bubbles slowly rising from the cartridge’s wick openings. If you get a burnt hit right after filling a new cartridge, you haven’t given the oil enough time to absorb – just wait a little longer for the cartridge’s wick to saturate.

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You’re Not Waiting Long Enough Between Puffs

Whether you’re using an empty or pre-filled vape cartridge, another side effect of the oil’s slow absorption into the ceramic is that you need to pace your puffs slowly if you want to avoid a burnt hit. After you puff on a vape cart, it’ll take several seconds for more oil to absorb into the cartridge’s wick. If you don’t wait between puffs, you’re bound to get a burnt hit before long.

Your Cartridge Is Overdue for Replacement

If you’re using a refillable cartridge, it’s important to remember that every vape cart has a finite life. As you use a cartridge, residue from the oil will build up on the cartridge’s heating wire and inside the wick. The residue will eventually cause the cartridge to produce a burnt, smoky flavor – and depending on the oil you’re using, you may notice a change in the flavor quality after just a few refills. If the cartridge’s flavor is no longer acceptable, you should replace it.

You Need to Try a Different Brand of Cartridge

Are you dealing with harsh hits from a pre-filled vape cartridge? If none of the other tips in this article seem to apply to your situation, it’s probably time to consider trying a cartridge from a different brand. It’s possible that the cartridge is filled with a poor-quality extract or that the extract contains an additive you don’t like. You should also consider filling your own empty vape cartridges instead of using pre-filled carts. One of the biggest benefits of filling your own cartridges is that you know exactly what’s in them.

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You’re Using a Fake Cart

One of the main concerns with using pre-filled vape cartridges is the possibility of the maker using a poor-quality extract that’s harsh and not enjoyable to use. An even bigger issue, though, is the chance of buying fake carts. Pre-filled vape cartridges have been so popular over the last few years that fake carts have become more common than ever. A fake cart has a known brand name on the box, but it’s produced by an unscrupulous seller that’s simply copying the brand’s packaging. You have no idea what’s actually in the cartridge – and when that’s the case, getting a burnt hit is the least of your worries.

Every name-brand vape cartridge should have an authenticity code on the box. Don’t use the QR code to go to the manufacturer’s website because QR codes are easy to fake. Go the website manually and type the cartridge’s code. If the cartridge passes the authenticity check, it’s probably authentic. To avoid fake carts, always buy from a merchant you trust.

Your Cartridge Is Empty

Whether you’re using a pre-filled vape cartridge or filling your own, one of the most important things to remember is that you must always keep an eye on the oil level. That’s especially the case if you’re using a device that conceals the cartridge such as the Rokin Bar. You’re guaranteed to get a burnt hit if you use an empty cartridge, so check it periodically. If your cartridge is refillable, you should always add oil when the level is below the cartridge’s wick openings.

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Your Cartridge Is Clogged

If you’re getting a burnt hit with a pre-filled vape cart that you’ve just removed from the package, the most likely reason is that the cartridge is clogged. The oil is too thick to absorb into the cartridge’s wick, probably because the cartridge has been stored in a cold environment. Usually, warming the cartridge gently – by holding it between your hands for several minutes, for instance – will be sufficient to loosen the oil and make it absorb into the wick.

Note that you can also cause a cartridge to clog by using too much air pressure when you inhale from it. If you puff too firmly when using a vape cart, it’ll cause the oil to flood the cartridge’s coil assembly. A flooded cartridge is very likely to cause a burnt hit, so it’s important to always inhale very gently when using a vape cart.

You’re Not Using an Oil Cartridge

The last reason why you might experience burnt hits when vaping an oil-based concentrate is because you’re using equipment that’s not designed for oil. An oily concentrate won’t work well with a vape tank, pod or cartridge designed for thin liquids. The Rokin Vapes Easy Fill Cartridge and Titan 2 Cartridge are both designed to provide excellent flavor and performance with thick oils.


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