Dry Herb Vaporizers

If you’d like to vape in a way that captures the flavors, smells and sensations of the traditional herb smoking experience, you’ll want to buy a dry herb vaporizer. A dry herb vaporizer heats your herbs to the point at which they release their active compounds, and you take those compounds into your system by inhaling the vapor. Compared to smoking, using a dry herb vaporizer provides the same level of potency without the harshness of smoke. Using a vaporizer is also more discreet because the smell doesn’t tend to hover in the air for several minutes as it does when you smoke.

The Outrider is the best dry herb vaporizer on the market for true aficionados. Using a convection heater, the Outrider heats your herbs quickly and efficiently at four different temperature settings without triggering combustion. Thanks to the ceramic oven and glass vapor path, the Outrider vape is absolutely tops for flavor and allows you to taste every subtle nuance in your expensive herbs. The Outrider also has a generous 0.2-gram oven and holds a very ample supply of herbs.

How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you want to have the best possible experience with a dry herb vaporizer, it all begins with a high-quality herb grinder. Open the grinder and place your herbs between the grinder’s teeth. Close the grinder and turn it several times to reduce the herbs to a fine, fluffy grind.

Open the vaporizer and pack the ground herbs inside the oven. You should pack a dry herb vaporizer tightly enough to promote physical contact between the herbs but not so tightly that air is unable to flow through the oven. If you find it difficult to inhale through the mouthpiece, you’ve probably packed the oven too tightly.

Turn your vaporizer on and set it to your desired temperature. We suggest starting at a low temperature for maximum flavor quality. After you feel like you’ve drawn all of the tasty terpenes out of your herbs, you can begin increasing the temperature to dial up the intensity until you’ve reached your desired state. When your vaporizer begins to produce a flavor resembling burnt popcorn, the herbs are just about finished.

When your vaping session is over, turn your vaporizer off and allow it to cool completely. After allowing the device to cool, you can open it and tap it over a trash can to eject the spent herbs. Use the included cleaning brush to remove any remaining particles from the oven before putting the device away. To keep your dry herb vaporizer working its best, you should clean the oven periodically using a cotton swab moistened slightly with rubbing alcohol.


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