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Here at Rokin Vapes, we understand that vaping isn’t the only type of herb consumption that exists. Sometimes, you want to keep things simple – and when you’re in that kind of mood, all that you want are some herbs, a lighter and a smoking implement that’s simple and straightforward. When that’s the type of experience you want, you’ll be glad to have a chillum or glass spoon on hand. As you’re about to learn, our glass pipes have a few special features that make them different from the rest.

Why Our Chillums and Glass Spoons Are the Best

We offer the best glass spoons and chillums on the market because instead of going with a cheap overseas supplier, we work with Peaselburg Glass in Oregon. That’s right – when you buy a glass pipe from Rokin Vapes, you’re buying a quality USA-made product. The craftsmanship shows in the quality of each piece and in the lovely designs of the pipes.

Glass Spoon vs. Chillum: What’s the Difference?

The shape is the main difference between glass spoons and chillums. In a glass spoon, the air path is perpendicular to the direction of the pipe – and in a chillum, you inhale the air through the pipe in a straight line. Traditionally, another difference between glass spoons and chillums is that chillums don’t have carb holes. Our chillums are exceptions, though, in that they do have carb holes to ensure that you’ll have a smoother experience without wasting any of the precious smoke.

Is a Chillum Different from a One-Hitter?

Chillums and one-hitters are similar in that they only hold enough material for a very short smoking session – just a few puffs. A chillum, however, is usually a little larger than a one-hitter. While a chillum can have a more exotic design – ours looks like a glass bottle, for instance – one-hitters are usually shaped like cigarettes.

How to Use a Glass Spoon or Chillum

To use a glass spoon or chillum, grind your herb and pack it into the bowl of the pipe. Your goal is to achieve a pack that’s tight enough to keep your herbs in the bowl without falling out but loose enough to allow air to flow through smoothly. Hold a flame over the bowl of the pipe and inhale while covering the carb hole with your finger. Remove the flame and, while still inhaling, release your finger from the carb hole to clear out any remaining smoke.

How to Clean a Glass Spoon or Chillum

One of the best things about using a quality glass pipe is that good glassware is so easy to clean. To clean a glass spoon or chillum, immerse the entire pipe in rubbing alcohol after allowing it to cool completely. Never put a hot pipe in cold liquid because it could cause the glass to crack. After soaking the pipe in alcohol for an hour or two, rinse it in clean water to remove any remaining residue. After smoking sessions, you can tap the pipe gently to eject any ashes.


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