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If you want to turbocharge your vape shop or smoke shop’s revenue, you need to work with the best vape wholesale distributor in the USA – and that is Rokin Vapes. You’ll love what our world-class wholesale vapes can do for your store’s numbers. You’ll also love our generous wholesale terms and lightning-fast shipping. Are you still ordering your vape gear from China and waiting forever for it to arrive? It’s time to streamline your supply chain and work with a vape distributor near you.

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Why You Need Wholesale Vapes for Your Smoke Shop or Vape Shop

Whether your business is a smoke shop or a vape shop, our wholesale vapes can help you move beyond your current product offerings and open up an entirely new revenue stream.

If you own a smoke shop, you’re probably very aware of the fact that both tobacco and herb smoking have been on the decline for many years. You’ve probably noticed that you don’t sell as many pipes, rolling papers and other loose-leaf products as you once did, and that’s because people are moving toward smoke-free products like dry herb vaporizers and pre-filled vape cartridges. Adding vaping products to your smoke shop allows you to align yourself with an industry that’s growing instead of one that’s on the decline.

If you own a vape shop, it’s likely that many of your customers have begun to request alternative vaping products like 510-thread batteries for pre-filled vape cartridges. Adding herbal vaping products to your vape shop creates a new revenue stream that can ensure the survival of your store during an extremely difficult time for the nicotine vaping industry. E-liquid makers have shut down left and right over the past few years, but the herbal vaping industry has continued to expand rapidly.

If you already operate within the cannabis industry, our products are a natural fit for your store. We happily work with dispensaries, hemp processors, CBD stores, hemp industry distributors and more.

Get All of Your Wholesale Vape Supplies in One Place

As an astute smoke shop or vape shop owner, it’s possible that you’ve already dipped your toes into the world of herbal vaping. Maybe you’re already carrying a few vaporizers or 510-thread batteries in your store, but it’s likely that you’re not getting all of your products from one distributor. Maybe you’re even working with an overseas company and losing out on sales while you wait weeks for products to arrive. It’s time to streamline your supply chain and get all of your wholesale vape supplies in one place. At Rokin, we offer:

  • Wholesale dry herb vaporizers
  • Wholesale vape pens
  • Wholesale oil vapes
  • Wholesale dab pens
  • Wholesale 510-thread batteries
  • Wholesale vape cartridges
  • Wholesale vape accessories and other vape gear

Start Your Own Vaporizer Brand with Our White-Label Products

Have you ever wanted to offer vaporizers in your vape shop or smoke shop under your own brand name? With our white-label service, it’s easy. We’ll put your brand name on our products, and you can do the rest. Just ask your Rokin sales representative for more information.

Why Is Rokin the Best Vape Wholesaler in the USA?

Aside from giving you the ability to get all of your wholesale vape supplies in one place, working with Rokin means that you’re aligning your vape shop or smoke shop with a nationally recognized vaporizer brand. Your customers have read about Rokin vaporizers in leading vape publications, and they’ll love having the opportunity to buy our devices locally. Thanks to the quality of our hardware, your customers will be completely satisfied, and you can eliminate the high return rates that you’ve probably experienced with cut-rate vaping products from overseas suppliers.

In addition to the quality of our hardware, you’ll also love our extremely attractive wholesale terms. Buying from a vape wholesaler in the USA doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your profits. We offer fast flat-rate shipping, and we have no minimum order quantity.

Rokin Vapes Wholesale FAQ

Do you have any additional questions about how our vape wholesale business works? Read on, and we’ll explain the details in this FAQ.

What Do I Need in Order to Create a Wholesale Account with Rokin Vapes?

Our vape wholesale operation is strictly a business-to-business service. To create a wholesale account, you’ll need to provide the contact information for your business and will also need a tax resale license and EIN number. You’ll also need to have the proper tobacco, cannabis or hemp license if your state requires it.

How Long Will It Take for My Wholesale Account to Be Approved?

We approve all wholesale accounts as quickly as possible. You’ll be contacted by a Rokin sales representative, who will serve as your direct point of contact with our company. The representative will finalize the approval of your account and may also request additional information about your business if needed.

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

We have no minimum order quantity.

How Much Do You Charge for Shipping?

We ship all wholesale orders under $1,000 for a flat fee of $20. Orders over $1,000 ship free.

Where Do You Ship Wholesale Orders?

We ship wholesale vapes anywhere in the continental USA except to Vermont.

What Is Your Processing Time for Wholesale Orders?

We ship most orders placed before 12:00PM Pacific time on weekdays the same day. Orders placed after 12:00PM or on weekends generally ship the next business day.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Order?

We use the best available ground shipping method for all wholesale orders. The average delivery times are as follows.

  • West coast: 2-4 business days
  • Central USA: 3-5 business days
  • East coast: 5-6 business days


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