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At Rokin, we offer an electronic dab straw and a wax tank that can be attached to most of our batteries. Among the bestselling concentrate vaporizers within the Rokin collection is The Stinger. It is by far one of the most popular electronic dab straws on the market. Our Stinger Electronic Dab Straw is easy to use, durable, practical, and supports all types of concentrates like shatter, budder, wax, sugar, sauce, diamonds, rosin, and crumble.

Dab Pens and Wax Pens

If you want to have a vaping experience that’s incredibly potent and fast acting, you’ve got to try a dab pen. Waxes are typically the most concentrated herbal extracts that you can buy. A wax vaporizer is designed to provide quick and efficient heating, transforming your wax into smooth vapor almost instantly. Wax extracts are so potent that a rice-sized dab can typically provide the same effect as a lengthy smoking session. If you’re an experienced smoker and find it difficult to reach your desired state using dry herbs alone, we think you’ll love using a dab pen.

You’re not going to find a better wax vaporizer than the amazing Stinger electronic dab straw. The Stinger represents a completely new form of wax vaping, and it allows you to take deep, potent hits with a level of smoothness that you’ve never experienced before with any other vaporizer. The Stinger achieves its amazing smoothness with a built-in water filtration mechanism – something you won’t find in any other dab straw. The Stinger also features an impressive 1,100 mAh battery, enabling it to produce enormous vapor clouds with very little preheating time.

How to Use a Dab Straw

If you’ve only used traditional dab pens in the past, you’ll find that using the Stinger dab straw is a slightly different experience – but you’ll get used to it quickly. Start by opening the built-in water chamber and adding filtered or distilled water until the water reaches the fill line. Close the chamber and press the Stinger’s fire button five times to turn the device on.

Press the fire button twice to preheat the device’s ceramic heating tip. Inhale through the straw while touching the ceramic tip to your wax. Press the fire button three times to adjust the temperature of the heating tip. When your session is complete, press the fire button five times to turn the Stinger off. Let the device cool down completely before putting it away.

Why Should You Buy a Dab Pen?

The best reason to buy a dab pen is because wax vaping offers a pure and potent experience that no other type of vaporizer can match. A wax concentrate contains nothing but the pure essence of your favorite herb, meaning that just a puff or two of wax can give you the same experience as an extended smoking session with traditional flower. Moreover, without the smoke getting in the way, wax vaping allows you to enjoy the scents and flavors of the natural terpenes more than ever before. If you’re the type of person who likes to splurge on exotic terpene-rich strains, wax vaping will open up an entirely new dimension of flavor for you.

Compared to other types of vaporizers, one of the benefits of wax pens is that they’re extremely easy to clean. Whether you’re using a dab straw with a heating element or a traditional vape pen with a wax cartridge, you’ll love the fact that you can submerge the entire cartridge or element in rubbing alcohol when you want to clean it. After soaking the cartridge or element in alcohol for an hour or two, any remaining residue simply rinses away. The fact that you can clean a dab pen so easily means that you’ll enjoy top-quality flavor for much longer.


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