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The Rokin Dial temperature control vape pen is the most advanced addition to the Rokin oil vaporizer line. The Dial has the most voltage settings than any other portable vaporizer on the market with a shocking 21 settings along with Rokin’s advanced Powerwave™ Technology!

The Dial features auto draw technology and push button activation, so you can choose which way to hit your vape! This also means that the Dial is now equipped with the popular preheat feature that can help get your cold vape flowing quicker. Just screw your cartridge into the standard 510 threaded connection , click the button 5 times, and inhale/or press the button to activate the battery.

Also included into this device is Rokin’s secure cartridge connection technology. It is unlike any other vape and ensures your cartridges make a solid connection every time. All you need to do is watch for the blinking light once to confirm the connection and you’re ready to vape. The battery also includes short circuit protection for your safety.

The Dial’s portable size will let you take it anywhere you want. The compact size The Dial will make your vaping experience more simple and better tasting with its wide range of new features! With the advanced 21 settings, the Dial temperature control vape pen lets you enjoy the full spectrum of your oil cartridge.

The kit also includes a lanyard and a micro USB charger. To charge your pen all you need to do is connect the USB-C into a USB wall adapter or any other USB device and let it go.

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You will no longer burn those tasty terpenes once you enjoy the 21 settings of Rokin’s Dial temperature control vape pen.

Advanced Temperature Control 510 Thread with 21 Settings

» Advanced Dial Temperature Control Vape Pen
» 21 individual voltage settings (2.0 V - 4.0 V)
» Rokin Powerwave™ Technology
» 15 second preheat mode (1.8V)
» For oils in 510 thread cartridges
» 12mm Diameter cartridge opening
» Works with Rokin ceramic cartridge.
» Secure cartridge connection technology
» Spring loaded connection
» Auto draw or push button activation
» 500 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery
» 5 minute shutoff (click the button 5 times to turn it back on)
» Short circuit protection
» Battery Indicator Light while charging (0%-5% red, 5%-40% blue, 40%-80% yellow, 80%-100% green)
» Fast charging battery
» USB-C charging connection
» Fits in the palm of your hand and portable
» Available in 7 different colors
» USB-C included
» Lanyard included
» Certified to the latest FCC, CE, and RoHS standards
» No cartridge included
» Not compatible with Rokin Easy Fill cartridge, due to it being top airflow. Only compatible with bottom airflow cartridges
» For aromatherapy purposes only
» 1-year battery warranty

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19 reviews for Dial Temperature Control Vape Pen | The Best 510 Thread Battery | Rokin

  1. mike32459

    Rokin batteries are very good quality, have several. This one works well, you can dial up any voltage you want, the auto draw is on of the best I’ve had, some of the others don’t seem to last that long and are picky on which cartiges will work.

  2. Jorge Santiago Jr

    Great product , easy to use and hits perfect. Love that you can change temp. Also awesome that it’s super small but packs a big punch..

  3. Stuart Box

    This little jewel works like a charm!!!!

  4. Stuart Box

    Love being able to adjust the heat! Can’t wait to see what cool products #RokinVapes have coming out in 2022!!

  5. Aaron Rodriguez

    One of the better variable voltage batteries Ive owned. Quality of battery feels very sturdy and good quality. 11/10 so far!

  6. Jorge Santiago Jr

    Great product , easy to use and charges really quick. If you had battery before then you know how bulky it is with a cart on it , but the Dial battery is small and compact. Don’t get fooled by its size because it hits harder then the majority of batteries sold on the market. Highly recommend this battery to anyone who truly smokes

  7. moranaldisley

    Great product , battery last a long time and the warranty is awesome. Thank you , Rokin

  8. eliudort3

    Love it it is the best vape in the world won’t change it

  9. frazier.jeff.w

    I grabbed 2 of these. The auto draw is the best I’ve experienced. I’m getting some more for friends! I highly recommend.

  10. George VanWinkle

    I wasn’t expecting much, and I was wrong. This little battery works great. I can taste the terpines without them tasting burned. The autodraw works flawlessly, and it doesn’t fall over all the time like the pen vapes. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  11. t.h.sea.siren (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Rokin Dial Batteries! I have 3 now! Color Coded variety makes for an easy lifted day!
    I love that the cart is protected and the heat is in your total control!
    So grateful for this company
    I am obsessed!
    I’ll never not be vaping with Rokin!

  12. HickoryJr (verified owner)

    In love with this product. The precision voltage settings let you easily set the perfect temp for any type of cart and keep it there. Auto draw works great, you won’t miss having a button. Cartridge is protected but there’s a little window on the side (kinda visible in the picture that shows the charging port) that lets you look at the cart without removing it. At about 2 inches high, 1.5 inches wide, and a half inch thick (a little shorter and thicker than a Zippo), it’s easy to carry, very easy to stealth (just make sure your hand is covering the light on the back when you draw), and will also stand up by itself on a flat surface no problem. Some reviews on other sites complain about it not having a preheat function. I just turn the voltage down a little and huff a few tiny puffs, then turn it back up and draw. Honestly can’t see myself ever wanting another battery.

  13. rosendo alvarez (verified owner)

    it is definitely a cool product. I just received today and man I am very impressed with this little guy

  14. sarah123schayes (verified owner)

    this is the best cart battery on the market. no battery can compete to the temperature dail on this vape. also the warrent. I bought my first couple vapes from a 3rd party seller. Nd didn’t keep my recipe. they still honored there warranty and sent my a brand new one when mine broke. I’m a rokin customer for like. there is no better battery on the market. yes the price is a little high but it’s worth every penny. I love the lanyard so it doesn’t get lost.

  15. George VanWinkle (verified owner)

    OK. I bought a black one last September, and my other half liked it, so guess who has it. I just got a red one. The new one is massively better! The plug is the universal USB-C plug that you can plug in either way. It now has a power on/off switch in the center of the lighted dial. The connection to 510 thread cartridges is much less finicky. Twist it on, power the unit on, set your desired strength, and it works every time. Thank you for the new version.

  16. janisupermom (verified owner)

    This is my favorite vape of all. I’ve tried many sizes and models and this is the best! Small to carry around but perfect to size to have on hand. The feature of temperature regulation is wonderful. I can tell you I have many fun colors in my collection and all are beautiful.

  17. Jonathan Cueva (verified owner)

    I honestly bought this battery because I thought it looked really cool and I’ve never seen a battery that has a dial. By far it’s one of the best batteries I’ve ever used. It’s small, but damn it’s strong and it doesn’t burn the taste. I HIGHLY recommend this battery you won’t regret it. Plus it comes with a lanyard!

  18. Francis Terroni (verified owner)

    This is my second dial rig the first was great this model is greater with preheat function and auto shutoff gives me more vaping between recharging.

  19. James Poffinbarger (verified owner)

    This is my new go to. I have both a mini and dial. You can fine tune your cartridges just right. Smooth even hit every time.

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