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Now with USB-C Charging and Powerwave™ Technology

The Rokin Mini Tank 510 Thread Vape Battery Vaporizer is a discreet and portable oil vape pen. At less than 2” high and 1” thick, it is the smallest vape on the market and fits in the palm of your hand!

It has a removable front end so the Mini Tank can fit most 510 thread vape cartridges (Learn about 510 Thread Vape Batteries). The 510 thread connection is spring loaded and will ensure a secure connection with any cartridge on the market.

The Rokin Mini Tank 510 Thread Vape has been recently updated to feature Powerwave™ Technology which varies the voltage from 3.6V to 2.2V when using to allow a more smooth vaping experience.

The Mini Tank 510 Thread Vape also features a preheat function (2 button clicks) that warms up your oils before use. At the heart of the device is a large 500 mAh lithium ion battery. The Mini Tank may be small, but it packs a big punch!

Make sure to grab a prefilled HHC or THCa cartridge to go along with your purchase.

» For oils
» Fits in the palm of your hand
» 500 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery
» Powerwave™ Technology (varies voltage between 3.6V and 2.2V)
» 5 minute auto shutoff
» Spring loaded connection
» USB-C charging connection
» 15 second preheat function (1.8v)
» USB-C charger included
» Lanyard included
» Works with Rokin EASY FILL cartridge
» 12mm opening to fit most oil cartridges
» 510 threaded connection
» Available in 10 different colors
» No cartridge included
» 1-year battery warranty
» Certified to the latest FCC, CE, and RoHS standards
» For aromatherapy purposes only

Additional information

Weight 1.68 oz
Dimensions 5.75 × 2.875 × 1.25 in
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93 reviews for Mini Tank 510 Thread Vape | Battery Kit | Rokin

  1. woodysoneb

    Super small but packs a huge punch! Charge time is fast and lasts a good long time. Ordering a couple more for friends. Thanks for making this product very nice.

  2. jimmypic6

    Unreal! Excellent product. Charge lasts quite a long time, and all three variants of my cartridges I use fit this tank. Good draw and plenty of vapor. I would recommend this to anyone looking for extreme small size and discreteness.
    Very good product.

  3. kwai96792

    Awesome item!! This is the best product I’ve evet ran across. It doesn’t get better then this.

  4. 007johndog007

    I really enjoy how compact this is and I do love how it vapes my Dream-steam cartridges. I have not used the refillable atomizer so I cant comment on that. That being said I think the warm up feature gets the oil a little too warm. I say that because I didn’t expect to see vape coming out of the atomizer during the warm up cycle. Now I do live in Arizona and although its winter here I dont think the warm up feature was meant for climates a mild as this. Other than that this little vape works as advertised.

  5. rattanakneth

    An amazing product. It doesn’t take that much space when placing it in my pocket. So going out to social settings and having a quick hit from my Rokin makes it great; I smoke CBD when I feel a little Anxious. So this is a great product to have on the go. I would recommend people who are looking for something small to carry around in big settings. Thanks for the product. Keep it up.

  6. Kitter82PA

    Been vaping for the last few years and been through a number of different pens. After finding this one, I can’t ever use any other!!! You can’t beat the size, and the quality. The vape is very smooth and provides the biggest hits. I brought this to a party with me a few weeks ago and by the end, everyone was asking me where I got it so I ordered five more 🙂

  7. dprcrna

    If you use cartridges, you need the MiniTank. Super stealth, it fits in the palm of my hand and disappears from sight when I close my fingers. No sticking out of my shirt pocket or breaking when I sit down and have forgotten it was in my pants pocket. The battery lasts a very long time (I used mine for four days straight without a recharge, something I could never do with a standard pen type vaporizer.) It accepts every cartridge I have tried in it flawlessly. Lightweight and durable, too. With all these features, why would I use anything else? Why would you use anything else? Get one today!

  8. leafs21

    This is really a great Vape battery. Super lightweight, yet very well made. Don’t let the size fool you. Hits better than any battery I’ve owned. Great battery life which makes it a great vape battery if you’re off the grid for a bit. Great product!

  9. scott_r_burgess

    Great product!

    I had mine 2 months and the battery went. I emailed support who replied within minutes. They sent me a free replacement with zero hassle.

  10. michael.c.walker

    Great vape. I’ve got no issues and I own 2. If you want to sneak a puff, this is your vape since you can completely cover it in your hand. The battery also lasts forever.

  11. samanthaskipper555

    This little thing is amazing! I have used other devices but this one is by far the best! It hits amazing and is safe to use. Battery lasts for days without charging! For medical users it is a godsend! Thank you Rokin for making such a quality product!

  12. tsimon2299

    Let me start out by saying that the battery last longer than anticipated!!! I’ve had other models that were intended for vaping ecig juice all day long and never lasted as long as this one does. The tank is by far the best oil atomizer I have ever used. It vaporizes the oil at a constant rate to which the wick can absorb the oil quicker than most models I have used. ROKIN delivers another wonderful product.

  13. jackwpitts

    Perfect product.

    The design is spot on. The size is unbelievably small. Like the size of a small matchbox. Easy to charge. Easy to change cartridge. Easy to operate. Adjustable flow. Preheat. Everything. Use is smooth but warm. Will do a huge draw if you want it.

    Absolutely recommend.

  14. dansbox

    I’m crazy about this little guy!!!
    I love the size and feel!
    I take it everywhere because it fits anywhere.
    During the day I use it for CBD,
    and in the evening I switch to the other stuff.
    Everyone I show it to falls in love with it,
    even if they don’t vape.
    Needless to say, I highly recommend it!!!

  15. Messymarv305

    By far the best vape battery I used for 510 carts this is the ONLY battery to satisfy my chase for clouds ( I’m a cloud chaser) with that being said be careful you don’t have to hold the button down to long to get a nice hit too long of a drag you will find yourself coughing a lung up but shout out to rokin you guys know what your doing P.S. I would attach the lanyard to the mini tank no matter what if it falls in those hard to reach places in your car the The lanyard makes it easy to Retrieve

  16. benegonzales78

    This is the best battery I’ve used yet! It keeps its charge for a long time and creates a ton of vape. I don’t really use the preheat function much but instead just hold the button for maybe 2 seconds before I draw and it produces a thick powerful cloud. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and all of them now have their own. The size is perfect (about the size of a Z!ppo), button has a nice responsive feel to it, and the battery lasts a long time between charges. If you use a refillable 510 cartridge or even some retail disposable cartridges, be careful not to over tighten the cartridge or you’ll end up unscrewing the mouthpiece instead of the entire cartridge. An excellent battery for the price!

  17. jonemoe

    this LiL’ thing rocks!!! I strongly recommend this little guy to EVERYONE!!!! Honestly one of the greatest heating elements/batteries out there, I currently am purchasing a few more to gives as gifts to my friends and family… Keep Up the great work guys!!

  18. sherman406

    Absolutely love this! So discreet, and works so well! The only thing better than this is the customer service from Rokin. I had to reach out to them a couple of times and I must say, they are very prompt in their responses and very helpful always. Cannot recommend more highly!#TokinARokin.

  19. kevin

    This is a great battery. Small and discrete, this battery holds a charge for weeks.

  20. daltonwillis09

    Amazing product. All my friends have one now! So consistent never had any issues.

  21. inurmind

    This little thing is awesome! Seriously the best pen I’ve owned…bought my first one in Feb and liked it so much I just got another to keep at work. Great stuff guys!!!

  22. james

    I am a Medical CBD Oil card holder for Florida. I was having a hard time finding a small battery that would fit my Curaleaf cartridge. The mini box is perfect for it. I like how small it is and the big battery for its size. Thank for making a great product! Oh and you can’t beat the price.

  23. JBarton147

    This is the best vape i’ve ever used let alone doesn’t turn sideways in a pocket or tip over. im buying a second

  24. blade4855

    Great little vape machine. Works great and the small size makes it easy to carry.

  25. matthewdowning763

    The best hands down I love this vape

  26. ddubayu

    It’s tiny I tend to forget its around my neck. The hits from it are robust and thick if needed or light if required.The charge last for days with my moderate use. I want a backup one just it case I lose it. On a scale of 10…I give it an 11!

  27. tmac1078

    A great product, was looking for a small battery, and this is excellent. holes a charge for days, and recharges quick and easy. will be getting a second one.

  28. jlooman4

    Very small and discrete but hits nicely. One voltage setting but that’s all you need. Charging via micro USB is much easier than 510 thread battery chargers. Will be ordering more for friends.

  29. lee.sifuentes

    Very impressed with this product. I love how small it is and the mini usb charger is perfect. Hated the screw type chargers on other brands.

  30. shanjenna

    What an amazing little product!! At first I was second guessing my decision to buy the mini because it is, well…mini!! But the second I used it I was hooked!! Love that I have a choice of what I can use in the mini as well. Thanks for such a wonderful product!! I give it 2 enthusiastical thumbs up!! ✌

  31. cupernikis911

    Hands-down the best bar none cartridge vaporizer available super stealth long lasting battery fits all cartridges pre-heat mode the list goes on absolutely adore this thing I have three of them!!!

  32. smreno91

    I like the small and discreteness of it. Hit’s just right. It’s charging via micro USB is easy and quick, and that it has 510 threads. Awesome product.

  33. j_gamez023

    Love the rokin mini tank

  34. pnwmainah

    Five Stars with a caveat the blue LED is impossible to see in daylight and if you fumble with your five clicks it can be difficult to determine if it’s off without another puff.

  35. Tomsheehan75

    Awesome product. Its small and you don’t even know its your pocket.

  36. Tjworthy85

    I love this vaporizer! Super convenient, hits hard, easy to transport discreetly, just the best!! I will say that after some use the button started to stick a little, which is mildly frustrating. But it’s easy to unstick and keep on enjoying! Despite that minor flaw I 100 percent recommend this product, and have gotten at least 4 of my friends to purchase them as well, they all love it too!

  37. stevenbryant

    Best vape I’ve ever used! It’s strong, compact, yet efficient. I have people on the streets approach me all the time and ask where I bought it. I would highly recommend.

  38. jacobmoser94

    I’ve bought a few different batteries and nothing compares to this one! Its super durable and small, it produces a strong hit every time and the battery lasts for a couple days

  39. dave41023

    Happily ever after with a Rokin Tank Vape. Easy to use and the battery is outstanding. Doesn’t take that much space so I love that it’s compact and somewhat invisible to the naked eye. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking in the market for a vape.

  40. kenny561

    Ordered one of these earlier last week and got it yesterday. It rips. It is small but it is well made. It comes with a sturdy lanyard and it does accept different size cartridges as advertised. This is an excellent product!! Personally I use cbd oil for my health reasons and it is 5x better than the first portable vape I bought about a month ago. I just ordered another one for my mom who has lupus, fibromyalgia, back surgeries and few other things. Given the right oil it really really works!! Cannot give this product more praise!!!

  41. vinson6655

    Received one of these units and it has been nothing bud a great experience. I really look forward to getting more of these vape units to use in the future. No problems with burned cartridges, or anything of that nature. Charging is quick and easy and this by far the most concealable unit I’ve used to date.

  42. robeamo23

    Ordered my Rokin and had it delivered within 3 days. Super sleek, convenient and hits like a champ for its size. I’ve had a lot of great brands in vapes but, this one is the best one I’ve ever had. A definite must have. Big shoutout to Rokin!!!

  43. grespy99

    Would be five stars – this thing is AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, if it gets tapped in just the right (wrong!) way out turns on in your pocket (or around ones neck if on the lanyard) and your oil burns off. I’ve lost a couple of brand new carts this way. Once they fix that, it’ll be five stars all the way!!!

    • Rokin

      Always ensure that the Mini Tank is turned off when in your pocket by clicking it 5 times. We are working on improvements to make it easier to see whether it’s in on/off position

  44. leahjanos

    I absolutely love this mini tank. It’s tiny and discreet but super powerful. Battery life is AMAZING and also love that it comes with a lanyard. 100% recommend!!

  45. antygra

    I love my mini tank. I too think it is powerful and discreet. I’m glad it comes with the plastic cap. This is the best one I purchased so far.

  46. kwai96792

    Awesome!! It really works.

  47. lildrecsf

    My favorite vape problems at all.

  48. bikelyfesf

    My favorite travel buddy. Perfect for bike rides, walking the strip, or general on-the-go use. Did I mention this thing RIPS HARD

  49. rdb2365

    This tank is amazing! Small and discreet. And the way it is set up, it gives your cartridge some protection! Seriously recommend this over pens!

  50. pcv300

    The best vaporizer! So small and packs a BIG punch. Will not but anything else, THANKS!

  51. coffee.lover2010

    Will buy again.

  52. aying20122

    This little vape is my favorite go-to for whenever I’m not in the house. If you want something discrete and fast, this is the vape you want. Great price for a vape that has yet to fail me.

  53. smohler03

    I absolutely love these tanks – easy to carry, long charge life and easy to charge. Ordering my fourth one now!

  54. sheanabeana

    I’ve purchased these for myself and for at least half a dozen friends. I love them! Super stoked they come in colors now.

  55. littoelton

    Probably one of the best vapes out there! In love with the size of this battery!

  56. gfc8649

    This battery never dies, and it is so discreet. It is now my main squeeze.

  57. joesink86

    Highly recommend. Really reliable and works perfect every time.

  58. my2babies85

    Love the mini take packs a good punch I am now ordering for my friends as well they love the tank to been very satisfied with all rokin products was wondering if I can have a hat and a t-shirt to advertise these products more #supportlocalcompanies

  59. zachofnc

    Convenience, battery life, and quality of this tiny little package is outstanding!!

  60. labellavida77

    Great, easy to use product. I like that its lightweight and discreet. I love it so much I’m considering buying another one in a different color!

  61. i81u812

    Don’t let its small size fool you. Contrary to FAKE NEWS, size does not matter. This little baby is powerful. .
    It’s compact and fits discretely in your pocket.
    It’s as light as a feather and simple to use.
    The battery life is great. I use it daily and charge it maybe once a week.
    The rubberized coating is a nice touch.
    By far, this is the best vaporizer out there.

    Side note: I had one with a faulty battery and Rokin replaced it immediately. Great customer service.

  62. John Allen

    Rokin shipped product immediately. Arrived in two days.

    Super small. Rubberized coating.

  63. lambofgood91

    Small. Light. Great battery life? What more can you ask for? This thing is seriously the best battery I’ve ever used. The battery life is honestly astounding!

  64. robeamo23

    This is my second time purchasing a mini tank. I went ahead and got the light blue one since I already have a black one. Love the color!!! Small, sleek and definitely hits for its size!!! Can’t go wrong with Rokin!! Top of the line products!!! Best vaporizer in the game hands down!!!

  65. sarahmarasco

    My favorite! I love this thing, it’s small, light, and easy to take anywhere. As a girl with limited pocket space, I can easily fit it into my front pocket, or into my smallest purse or wallet without issue. It’s also small enough to where it won’t be noticed if I take it into a bar or concert venue. The battery is incredibly long lasting; I can accidentally leave it on for hours, sometimes days (I’ve left it on for a week once), and there’s never been any issues, plus I hardly have to charge it. I purchased one for my friend as a birthday gift after he commented on how strong hitting mine was, and I’ll be purchasing another one as a gift as well. 10/10 recommend.

  66. ChadC

    I actually LOVE this battery and it’s been my favorite so far, and I’ve tried several! It’s beautifully compact, it hits amazingly, and I’m smart enough to always turn it off prior to putting in my (3rd) pocket, duh! Here is my problem and why I gave it 2 stars. I first bought 1 and it was so great I bought a 2nd one to have. Suddenly the first one stopped working, I put a cartridge on it and it turns on and everything, but it completely fails to heat anything up. Eh, whatever, I like them too much to care really so I let it go and continue with the other one. This weekend, the other one did the same thing and has just stopped heating although it still turns on. Now both sit in a drawer, dead within a couple months of having them. Sure them are GREAT but they just don’t seem to last, 2 for 2, gotta admit I am a little sad because I really do like the mini tanks a lot, but I suppose I have to go find something better now. 🙁

  67. Adam Kiernan

    Have it a couple of week’s now and I am very happy with it, small but powerful and the battery life is excellent also, definitely getting one for my girlfriend and I might try the viper next for my slwf just to see what that has to offer

  68. angelica.villegas

    I bought this kick ass little Vape pen two years ago and it’s just now starting to die where it won’t charge so I’m buying another one because I love this thing! It’s so small and discreet I can take it with me everywhere!!!!

  69. kwai96792

    Simple, compact, discreet, tiny and effective!!!!

  70. Jacob Greenwell

    Great battery! Hits like a champ and the size is perfect! Best battery I have used.

  71. joeljuarez617

    Good devise pls order from them ..

  72. marquisellisjesa

    I’ve used a lot of batteries over the years, and this one is the best of the bunch. Super low key, and the battery life on it is great.

  73. amilli550

    I have a ton of batteries.. this by far is the best one I’ve ever purchased. Little but mighty!!

  74. Dana Richardson

    Love this little vape. Never disappoints!

  75. Fuzzypanda28

    DISCREET DISCREET DISCREET! It’s size allows me to bring it along anywhere I go. Not only is it great due to its size, it’s been by far the best battery that I’ve tried due to it accommodating a range in voltage. This has save me from wasting so many carts.

  76. craigstersmith

    Just what I was looking for. I got tired of magnetic connectors and loose fitting carts with erratic connections. And I dont like the size of pens or how exposed the cart is. This little thing is perfect. So small and light, yet feels good in the hand. I get big clouds and my carts last longer than with other pens or mods. Good job

  77. Josh Macy

    Great product. Got one of these from a friend in 2017 and loved it. The battery finally needed to be replaced as I was having to charge every day.Recently I decided to buy a new one. Still the best vape cartridge battery out there. Not to mention durable and long lasting. 5 stars.

  78. homerj742

    the only batter I ever use and i use it EVERY day. i own about 5 or 6 so that i always have spares in case the charge runs out or i lose it or whatever. highly recommend

  79. Armando Pellerano

    Outstanding performance, stealth and value. Works great and never toasts the oil, so every puff is tasty as can be. The thing just works. Having it on a lanyard is simply priceless. It goes on in the morning and comes off before bed with a fresh charge every few days. I could not be happier and have given them as gifts as well as recommending them often. You will not be disappointed by this mighty little vape.

  80. Gabriela Avellan

    Got my vape and love it!! It’s discreet, I love that I can carry it hanging, it doesn’t get lost and best of all, if I drop the cartridge and it’s protected, it doesn’t break… Igor me some different colors love the red ❤️

  81. jessesoltz

    I love these things I plan on buyin a new one cause it’s says you guys made some upgrades to the battery and some other things, I bought my one I have now like 4-5 years ago and it’s still working like a champ I just want the upgrade and a new color other than that I give these a 6 stars, plus I really wanna try the wax cart for it you guys have now I always wished something like that existed and now it does

  82. stephyburgos

    Small and compact

  83. Deborah Whaley

    This mini tank oil vaporizer is totally awesome & small & I wished I had found out about it awhile ago, thanks for the product.

  84. Jacob Carreon

    By far the best battery I’ve had. Blows big clouds and can have it on deck with you everywhere.

  85. Jacob Carreon

    By far the best battery I’ve had. Blows big clouds and can have it on deck with you everywhere. Definitely worth it.

  86. Jenna Hirashima

    I go this a while ago and I haven’t had any issues. Still love it!

    Jenna Hirashima

  87. philcar80

    Over the years I have never purchased any vape related products because Ive always been a flower type of guy. However I would take a rip off a friends pen from time to time and purchased a small 510 pen and cartridge from a dispensary in Mass last year and recently another cheep 15$ pen at a smoke shop. Both of those pens suck, a cookies and rythm ( not as bad as cookies). So I called my good buddy and owner of a popular smoke shop in H town and asked what is the best vape battery you know of that is reasonably priced. First thing he said was Rokin. I live in NYC area and could not find it at my local shops. Seems only a handfull of shops carry it in NYC as per the Rokin location map. So I ordered off this site and came in 3 days . Im so happy this thing is way smaller than I expected , hits amazing with a nice cloud and I feel the effects of my concentrate more . The pre heat function is essential for an amazing first hit after it has been off for a while. Its been only a day with it now and have a good feeling about this bad boy!

  88. jffrybrght (verified owner)

    As you’re inhaling you can actually hear the power Wave kick in with extra voltage it’s pretty cool. Works like a charm but it seems to drain the battery quicker. Just my humble opinion

  89. Sydney Williams (verified owner)

    Wow! All i can say is impressed. If i review something i either love or hate it to preface. First used the wax tanks from rokin, and months later got some new oil carts thats wouldnt work with my daily driver vape battery- im assuming because though you can press a button, its naturally an autopull and some carts have trouble with that. Only other battery i had on hand was a cheap dinky one i accidentally ran threw the washing machine like a year ago SO i decided it was time to hunt for a quality, manual 510 vape battery. Remembered the rokin dial i originally was really drawn to that design, but seeing as its also auto pull- came to this amazing mini tank instead and i dont regret it! First of all it really is mini. Im so psyched it will be so easy to carry on hand discreetly- not to mention female clothing has minimal pockets. It has a lanyard attachment?! Did not even realize. Also see that being handy not to mention it uses that retro cord attachment phones used to have as a kid- perhaps my vape needs a charm? Im so excited. And its PINK i have so many things this color pink its friggen adorable. 100% would buy again. Probably gonna get one for my husband after he picks a color he likes 🙂 would recommend.

  90. Jacquilyn Witt (verified owner)

    My first Rokin lasted me 2 years! It still worked up until I lost it somewhere a few months ago. It lasted for well over 2 years. Just bought a new one and I love it just as much. Going to get a few more in the next couple of weeks for backups in case I lose it again.

    1) The design. Everyone has stuck their long stick vape in their pocket and boom the next thing you know you’ve accidentally broken it. Not with this pen! The design protects your cart from being bent or broken by dropping.
    2) Great smokablity
    3) Unique enough color selection that you don’t have to worry about mixing your cart up with a friend.
    4) The lanyard! I just tuck the vape into the front of my shirt and its easily accessible when needed.
    5) Battery life is great. Depending on how often you smoke it. I use mine fairly often (probably 40-50 toke daily) and it lasts me 3-4 days.
    1) Your friends will try to steal it

  91. craigstersmith (verified owner)

    I really hate to leave a bad review because they have bent over backwards trying to help this situation but it’s not the customer service that is the problem, it’s the new updated tank. It takes me 3-5 attempts to get it to turn on. I have many of the old style and never had an issue (and still dont) turning them on, but the new style I received have all been very difficult to turn on, otherwise they work great. Rokin has sent me 2 separate replacements and all have this issue. I don’t want any more because it’s obvious nothing is improving and not a 1 off issue. I really liked these batteries but will buying a different brand in the future. Thanks for all of your assistance and good luck

  92. Tyler Friedrich (verified owner)

    It’s very small, but feels well made. I’ve only had it for a week but it works great. I’m not a fan of twist on chargers, so the usb charger is a plus. I ordered the wax tank to go with it, and can’t wait to try it out. Customer service is quick to respond and very helpful. Would buy again! The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is there’s always room for improvement 🙂

  93. Jackie Trowbridge (verified owner)

    This was my first Rokin vape, and it still looks as sleek and new half a year later as it did when i received it. Battery life is a tank and hits amazingly ! Fits right in your pocket or anywhere you need it. Only con is that the intake is a little loud, but only an issue if you’re trying to be discreet. 9.5/10 !

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