How Much Are Dab Pens?

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Without a doubt, dabbing is the best way to consume herbal concentrates if you’re a true connoisseur. Nothing else gives you the same level of potency and flavor – and although wax concentrates can be a bit on the expensive side, the price is completely worth it if you’ll accept nothing less than the best. While the concentrates themselves represent the majority of your cost when you use a dab pen, you also need to make sure that your budget has sufficient room for the hardware you’ll be using. In addition to the dab pen kit itself, you’ll also need to buy replacement parts periodically as your device’s components wear out.

So, how much are dab pens? In this article, we’ll break down the various costs that you can expect to pay.

How Much Does a Dab Pen Cost?

In general, you can expect a dab pen to cost somewhere between about $50-100 depending on its durability and how elaborate its design is. A non-electric dab rig with elaborate glassware will tend to cost more than a compact electronic device like the Stinger electric dab straw, which costs $79.95.

The Stinger is different from traditional dab pens because it’s a dab straw, which means that the heating element points down and dips directly into the material you’re vaping. Compared to traditional dab pens, the Stinger provides a better experience because it’s less messy and easier to maintain. The Stinger is also compatible with both wax- and oil-based concentrates.

Did you know that it’s possible to convert many 510-thread batteries into dab pens? All that you need is a wax tank that connects to your vape pen’s threading. Once you’ve connected the wax tank, you can simply add your wax directly to the tank’s cup. Don’t try this with a traditional 510 cartridge because the wax will cause the cartridge to clog.

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How Long Do Dab Pens Last?

You can expect a dab pen to last anywhere from several months to a year depending on how often you use it and how well you take care of it. The primary limiting factor is the life of the battery. On average, a lithium-ion battery lasts through about 300-500 charges before its capacity decreases to the point where it’s no longer usable. If you recharge your dab pen every day, it won’t last as long as it would if you only used it occasionally.

If you want a dab pen to last as long as it can, there are also two other things that you should keep in mind.

  • If wax gets on your device, you should always clean it promptly to prevent it from getting inside your dab pen’s internal electronics. If wax does get inside your device, it’ll be impossible to remove and will definitely shorten your device’s life.
  • Don’t charge your dab pen through a wall charger unless you have a charger that’s supplied by the device’s manufacturer. A wall charger for a mobile phone will probably supply a higher-amperage current than your dab pen is able to support. That could elevate the battery’s temperature and ultimately shorten the device’s life. If the manufacturer of your dab pen doesn’t provide a wall charger, charge the device by connecting it to your computer.
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How Much Do Dab Pen Parts Cost?

The components included with your dab pen probably aren’t the only parts that you’ll ever use with the device. At some point, you’re probably going to experience a part failure – either because the component has stopped working or because it’s become too difficult to clean – and will need to replace that item. Here are the prices for the dab pen parts that we offer here at Rokin Vapes.

  • Heating Elements: These parts cost $34.95 per two-pack. The Stinger’s heating element does experience wear when you use it. It’ll fail eventually, although most people find that they can use the same heating element for several months before it stops working. You can extend the life of your device’s element by cleaning it periodically.
  • Bubbler: This part costs $14.95. The bubbler doesn’t experience wear when you use it, so the bubbler included with the Stinger dab pen should last essentially forever as long as the glass doesn’t break. If you do need a replacement bubbler, you can find it by clicking the link.
  • Wax Cartridge: As we mentioned above, it’ll cost $12.95 if you want to buy a replacement wax cartridge for your 510-thread battery. You can generally expect a wax cartridge to last several months if you keep it clean.

The easiest way to clean any removable non-electronic dab pen component is by soaking it in rubbing alcohol. Just put some alcohol into a bowl and place the component(s) in the bowl for a few hours. Alcohol is an extremely effective solvent, and it dissolves both wax- and oil-based concentrates. After the components have soaked for a while, any residue that remains on them will rinse away under running water.

When you clean your dab pen’s components, keep in mind that it’s perfectly normal for the heat from your dab pen to cause permanent discoloration to ceramic and metal parts. The discoloration will still be evident after cleaning those components, and it doesn’t affect their flavor or performance.

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What Accessories Do You Need for a Dab Pen?

If you want to get the most out of your experience with a dab pen, you’ll want to have a few accessories. Although you don’t necessarily need to have all of these things right away, you should definitely plan to get them before too long.

  • Cleaning Supplies: To clean your dab pen’s removable components, you’ll need a glass bowl and some rubbing alcohol. It may also be useful to have some cotton swabs and alcohol wipes available.
  • Smell-Proof Storage: You’ll want to store your wax in a container that keeps the material fresh and contains the scent. We offer a silicone dab container that has separate compartments for two different waxes and holds up to 7 ml of material in all.
  • Extra Element or Tank: It’s always a good idea to have at least one extra heating element or wax tank available because these components can fail unexpectedly.


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