What Is a Wax Pen?

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A wax pen is a vaporizer designed to work with herbal concentrates that are solid or mostly solid at room temperature. Wax pens differ from 510-thread batteries, which are designed to work with oil-based concentrates that are liquid at room temperature. Wax pens and oil pens both have millions of fans around the world, with some people even using both types of devices at different times depending on their mood. Compared to oil vaporizers, though, many people believe that wax pens are superior for both potency and flavor quality – and reading this article, you’re going to find out why.

This is the complete beginner’s guide to wax pens. Reading it, you’re going to learn how a wax pen works, how much you can expect to pay for a good wax pen and how to maintain your device after purchasing it. Is your next vape going to be a wax pen? There’s only one way to find out.

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How Does a Wax Pen Work?

The main defining feature of a wax pen is that you use it by placing the material that you want to vaporize directly on the device’s heating element. Wax pens can use several different types of heating elements, but the most common types are quartz rods, metal coils and ceramic plates. When you use the device, the heating element melts and vaporizes the wax. The process is a little like the way in which the resin in an incense burner vaporizes when you light a candle under it.

Every device is different, but here’s a general overview of how a wax pen works.

  • You remove the mouthpiece from the top of the device to expose the heating coil.
  • You use a dab tool to retrieve a small piece of wax and place it on your wax pen’s coil.
  • You replace the mouthpiece and pulse the device at low heat, either by taking short puffs on the mouthpiece or by pressing the device’s activation button a few times. Some wax pens also have automatic preheating functions. Preheating a wax pen allows the wax to soften and spread over the heating element, which is important for avoiding harsh “dry hits.”
  • After softening the wax, you use your device and inhale the vapor in the same way that you’d inhale smoke. A rice-sized piece of wax usually provides about two or three puffs. Once you’ve used the wax, you’ll need to add more if you want to continue vaping. If you’ve never used a concentrate vaporizer before, though, it’s important not to overdo it because herbal concentrates can be extremely potent.

Does this process sound a bit too complex and daunting for you? If you’re looking for a simpler wax vaping experience, there is a better way. Our Stinger wax pen provides a completely different experience because there’s no coil or tank to load. The best part is that it works with both oil- and wax-based concentrates. To learn more, click the link or scroll to the bottom of this article for a more detailed introduction.

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How Do Wax Pens Compare to Oil Vaporizers?

Although wax pens and oil vaporizers are both designed to work with herbal concentrates, the fact that a given concentrate is solid or liquid at room temperature has a significant effect on the overall vaping experience. Here are the biggest differences between wax pens and oil pens.

Wax Pens Are More Potent

Compared to an oil vaporizer, a wax pen typically provides a more potent experience both in terms of the flavor intensity and in terms of the overall effect on your body. That’s partially because wax pens usually have better airflow, which makes it easier for you to take large puffs and inhale deeply. Another factor making oil pens less potent is that vape oils are often diluted with terpenes to provide improved flow. There’s no need to dilute a wax-based concentrate because it doesn’t need to flow through a wick – you place it directly on your device’s heating element.

Wax Pens Are Less Portable

If you’re looking for a device that allows you to vape on the go, a wax pen may not be ideal for you because a wax coil isn’t a fully enclosed environment and only holds enough material for a few puffs. While oil pens are very portable and aren’t usually susceptible to leaking, wax pens are better suited for longer vaping sessions at home.

Wax Pens Are Easier to Clean

One of the biggest benefits of wax pens compared to oil vaporizers is that they’re much easier to clean. In most cases, you can clean a wax pen’s coil or tank simply by removing it and submerging it in rubbing alcohol for a few hours. After an alcohol bath, any residue that’s still stuck to the coil simply rinses off. A wax coil or tank can last almost indefinitely if you take care of it. Oil cartridges, on the other hand, can’t really be cleaned effectively and require more frequent replacement.

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How Much Do Wax Pens Cost?

The Stinger wax pen costs $79.95, which is typical for a device with high-quality components and an advanced design. It’s possible to find wax pens for less, but you can expect a cut-rate device to either not last very long or lack certain key features.

Owning a wax pen means that you’ll need to replace the heating element or wax tank occasionally. As we mentioned above, you shouldn’t need to purchase replacement parts for your device too often because you can clean any removable non-electronic components by soaking them in rubbing alcohol. Repeated high-temperature heating will eventually cause any wax coil or tank to fail, though, and you’ll need to replace it at that point.

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How Do You Clean a Wax Pen?

As we mentioned above, you can clean any removable non-electronic component of a wax pen by soaking it in rubbing alcohol for a few hours and rinsing it in fresh water. The alcohol dissolves any residue, restoring the component’s original performance and flavor quality. Don’t worry if the component is still slightly discolored after cleaning; that’s completely normal. Make sure that the components are completely dry before using them again.

You can clean the main body of your device with a soft cloth. Use a cotton swab for hard-to-reach places such as the device’s threading. If you need to remove wax residue from your device, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and use it to dissolve the residue.

Try the Stinger Wax Pen for a Cleaner and Better Experience

We believe that the Stinger wax pen offers a superior vaping experience because it corrects all of the shortcomings inherent to traditional wax pens. It’s a different type of vaporizer called an electric nectar collector, which means that the heating element is on the bottom of the device rather than the top. Instead of placing the wax on the heating element as you would with a traditional wax pen, you leave the wax in its container and touch it directly with the Stinger’s heating element while inhaling through the mouthpiece on the top of the device. It’s easier, cleaner and more convenient than a traditional wax pen or dab pen.

Want to learn more? View the Stinger vaporizer now.


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