The Ultimate Guide to Electric Nectar Collectors

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If you’re an aficionado of herbal concentrates, you know that using a dab pen is the best way to enjoy a supremely elevating experience because nothing is more potent than an oil or wax concentrate. If you’ve never tried an electric nectar collector, though, you’re missing out on a true next-level vaping experience. With an electric nectar collector, there’s nothing to load and very little maintenance necessary. All that you need is the device, some wax and a heat-proof container. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to vape any other way.

If you’re new to nectar collectors, this is the guide for you. In it, we’re going to define what an electric nectar collector is and explain how to use one. When you’re done reading, you’ll be an expert and will be ready to have a great experience right out of the box with your first electric nectar collector pen.

What Is an Electric Nectar Collector?

When it comes to using a nectar collector, electric is definitely the way to go. Before you can understand what an electric nectar collector is, though, you need to understand what using a nectar collector meant before the vaping world moved to battery-powered devices. Nectar collectors have always been used for vaping concentrates, but they were much more cumbersome than they are today.

A basic manual nectar collector is essentially a straw with a heating element – usually made from titanium or quartz – at the end. You’d use a lighter or torch to get the element very hot, and then you’d dip it into a wax or oil concentrate while inhaling through the straw. A manual nectar collector does work well, but nobody really wants to have to use a torch in order to vape.

That’s why an electric nectar collector is so great – it replaces the manual heating element with a battery-powered one. All that you need to do is turn the device on and wait for the element to preheat. Once the element is hot, you’ll dip it into your material while inhaling through the straw. The potency of dabbing is a huge benefit, of course, but that’s just the start. You’ll find out about more of the benefits in a moment. First, though, we’d like to tell you a bit about our incredible electric nectar collector.

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Nectar Collectors 3
The Ultimate Guide to Electric Nectar Collectors 1

Why the Rokin Vapes Stinger is the Best Electric Nectar Collector on the Market

The Rokin Vapes Stinger is the best electric nectar collector on the market, and it is quite possibly the last dab pen you’ll ever need to own. Costing just $79.95, the Stinger has a built-in 1,100 mAh battery and preheats in just 15 seconds. Quicker than you can pour a cup of coffee, the Stinger is hot and ready for vaping – and that’s just the beginning. Here’s what makes the Stinger better than any other dab pen.

  • The built-in bubbler cools the vapor quickly and gives you an incredibly smooth vaping experience; just add water and enjoy.
  • The ceramic nail is easy to clean and incredibly durable while giving you a perfectly pure flavor every time.
  • The Stinger electric nectar collector pen has an all-glass air path, making it incredibly easy to clean with a little alcohol.
  • The Stinger has four available power levels ranging from 3.4 to 4.0 volts, allowing you to have a perfect experience with any oil or wax.

Why Are Electric Nectar Collectors Better Than Traditional Dab Pens?

If you’ve ever used a traditional dab pen, you know how they work – you load a wax tank with the concentrate of your choice, or you get a wax atomizer with an exposed coil. You connect the tank or atomizer to your vape pen, and you’re off and running. Traditional dab pens, however, have some issues. They’re very difficult to clean, and they’re not particularly user friendly because you have to use the correct tank or atomizer for the type of material you’re using.

Here’s why electric nectar collectors are better than traditional dab pens.

  • They work with concentrates of almost any consistency. Whether you’re using a runny oil or a hard wax, there’s no problem.
  • The ceramic heating tip lasts awhile, but does need replacement after a lot of use. But no need to worry, replacement ceramic tips are inexpensive and the Rokin carrying case has a spot specifically for extra tips.
  • Electric nectar collectors are extremely easy to clean.
  • There’s no messy filing procedure because you touch the nail directly to the material that you want to vape.
  • An electric nectar collector requires no extra accessories – just the device and the concentrate along with a container made from a heat-resistant material such as silicone.
The Ultimate Guide to Electric Nectar Collectors
The Ultimate Guide to Electric Nectar Collectors 2

How to Use an Electric Nectar Collector

Using an electric nectar collector is incredibly easy. All that you need is the device and the material that you want to vape along with a heat-resistant container. You most likely store your oil or wax in a silicone container anyway, which works perfectly. It’s also helpful to have a stand to keep your nectar collector’s hot tip elevated. Simply turn your nectar collector on and wait a few seconds for the nail to preheat. Once the nail is sufficiently hot, dip it into the concentrate while inhaling through the straw.

If you’ve never vaped concentrates before, it’s best to start slowly because they’re quite potent. After a puff or two, stop for a while to gauge how you feel. Remember – you can always add more, but you can’t take anything away once you’ve inhaled it.

How to Clean an Electric Nectar Collector

Cleaning an electric nectar collector is incredibly easy – especially when the device in question is our Stinger vaporizer. You can remove the bubbler and tip from the device and clean them either by rinsing them in warm water or soaking them for a few minutes in rubbing alcohol. After soaking the components in alcohol, rinse them and allow them to dry completely before vaping again. Use the included brush to clean the inside of the Stinger nectar collector; don’t allow the device to get wet.


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