Why Does My Cart Taste Burnt when It’s Full?

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“Why does my cart taste burnt when it’s full?”

When you sit down with your favorite 510-thread battery and a brand-new vape cartridge, you expect nothing less than top-quality flavor with every puff. Needless to say, you’re going to be pretty unhappy if a new cart doesn’t meet your flavor expectations – and doubly so if it tastes burnt and irritates your throat. Top-quality vape oils aren’t cheap, and you don’t want to waste your material. If your vape pen isn’t giving you the experience that you want, you have every reason to be frustrated. Reading this article, you’re going to get the help you need.

So, what’s the cause of your burnt cart, and what can you do about it? Read on to find some solutions for your problem.

You’re Not Waiting Long Enough After Filling a New Cart

Are you using a refillable vape cartridge for the first time? Refillable carts are much more economical than pre-filled cartridges in the long run because you can refill the same cartridge several times before it begins to taste burnt. Refillable cartridges are a little different from pre-filled ones, though, in that you can’t just remove a cartridge from the package and start using it immediately.

Vape oils are often extremely viscous, and it can take some time for the oil to absorb into your cartridge’s ceramic wick. Once the wick is fully saturated, you can expect consistent performance with every puff. Before you use a new cartridge that you’ve just filled for the first time, though, you’ll need to wait about a half hour to ensure that the oil has absorbed completely into the ceramic.

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The Oil in the Cartridge Is Too Cold to Flow Smoothly

If you’ve already given plenty of time for the oil in your cartridge to absorb into the wick – or if you’re using a pre-filled cartridge, which was already filled long before you purchased it – the most likely reason why your cart tastes burnt is because it is clogged. The oil is stuck in the cartridge’s reservoir because it’s too cold and viscous to absorb into the wick. If you warm the cartridge gently, it’ll loosen the oil and get it flowing. Here are three ways to do it.

  • Hold the cartridge between your hands for several minutes and let the warmth of your hands loosen the oil.
  • Seal the cartridge inside a zip-top bag and run warm water over it.
  • Set a hair dryer to the lowest possible heat setting and wave it over the cartridge. Be careful to avoid melting the plastic.

While you warm your vape cartridge, watch the openings around the wick. When the oil is warm enough to absorb into the ceramic, you should see bubbles rising away from the wick openings. Once the oil has reached that point, it’s sufficiently warm. Wait several minutes to ensure that the cartridge’s ceramic core is fully saturated with oil. At this point, the cartridge should be ready to use and should no longer taste burnt.

Your Vape Pen’s Voltage Is Set Too High

High-end vape pens like the Rokin Vapes Thunder Stick and the Rokin Vapes Dial give you the ability to vape at the voltage of your choice, which is useful if you want to get a little extra intensity out of a vape cartridge. It’s also great to have a variable-voltage vape pen if you’re using a wax tank, since wax-based concentrates tend to perform best at higher temperatures.

Before you start ramping up your vape pen’s voltage, though, it’s important to realize that some vape cartridges don’t work well at higher power levels. It’s also unwise to set your vape pen to the highest power level when you’re using a new vape cart for the first time. To avoid a burnt cart, you should start by setting your vape pen to the lowest power level. Increase the power slowly once you’re sure that the cartridge is fully broken in. If your cart tastes burnt, you’ve gone too far and should reduce the power.

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You’re Using a Poorly Filtered or Low-Quality Vape Oil

One of the important aspects of concentrate vaping is that you always want to know as much as you can about where your vape oil comes from. Herbal concentrates need to be manufactured in carefully controlled environments, and they also need to be thoroughly filtered to ensure they’re free of plant material and other contaminants. If any solids in the oil manage to get through to your cartridge’s heating coil, they’ll burn. It’s important to make sure that you’re using the highest-quality oil possible.

You’ve Used the Same Cartridge Too Many Times

As we mentioned near the beginning of the article, one of the biggest benefits of filling your own cartridges is that you can save money by filling the same cartridge several times instead of throwing it away when it’s empty as you would with pre-filled cartridges. It’s important to remember, though, that a vape cartridge won’t deliver top-quality flavor forever. Over time, residue from your oil will build up on the cartridge’s heating element. It’ll eventually form a thick coating that causes the cartridge to taste burnt. When a cartridge is getting close to that point, you’ll notice that the flavor quality has begun to degrade. Don’t continue refilling the same cartridge once you start to taste that burnt flavor, because the flavor will only decline from there.

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The Level of Oil in the Cartridge Is Too Low

As you use a vape cartridge, it’s important to pay close attention to the amount of oil remaining in the reservoir. Examine the coil assembly at the base of a cartridge, and you’ll notice that it has several small, white openings. Those openings allow the oil to travel from the cartridge’s reservoir to the ceramic wick. In order for the cartridge’s wick to remain saturated, the cartridge must have enough oil to cover those openings.

If your cartridge tastes burnt while it still has oil in it, you should examine the cartridge closely. If the oil is below the openings on the side of the coil, you need to add more oil to the cartridge. If the cartridge isn’t refillable, hold your vape pen sideways and rotate it slowly to encourage the remaining oil to absorb into the wick.


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