Is there a warranty on the battery?

Yes, there is a 12-month warranty on the battery.  Please go to our Contact Us with any questions claims or questions regarding this.

Why did my atomizer leak?

The main cause for leaking atomizers is overloading of the atomizer chamber.  Make sure that the material is not up to and in the holes at the top of the atomizer while vaping.  Keeping your pen in the upright position will also help your pen to not leak onto the...

How do I know when the pen is fully charged?

Outrider: When the battery is low the device will flash red 10 times. While charging the battery indicator button light will change color based on the amount of charge. Red = 0-5%, Green = 5-50%, and Blue = 50-99%. Once the device has finished charging the button...

How do I change the temperature setting?

For Outrider: Click the button rapidly 3 times. The Outrider features 4 different temperature settings with 374 F being the lowest and 428 F the highest. For Stinger: Click the button rapidly 3 times. The Stinger features 4 different temperature settings with blue...

How do I turn the battery on/off?

Click the button 5 times rapidly to turn it on/off. All Rokin batteries have a 3 minute auto shutoff feature for your safety and will need to be turned back on after.


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