This Is the Best Dab Pen on the Market

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Buying a dab pen can be a challenge. Dabbing is the hottest segment of the vaping industry right now, so lots of companies are releasing new products and trying to get in on the action. There is no universally accepted “best way to dab,” and that means there are lots of different product designs available. Dabbing can be as simple as attaching a wax tank to your 510-thread battery, or it can be as complicated as using an elaborate apparatus that requires manual heating with a blowtorch.

There’s a middle ground, though, that provides the ideal blend of usability and performance. That’s where our revolutionary Stinger electric dab rig resides. We believe that the Stinger is the best dab pen on the market, and we developed it with the goal of creating a dab rig that’s:

  • User friendly even for complete beginners.
  • Compatible with both waxy and oily concentrates.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Smooth, flavorful and potent at all times.

If you’re looking for the best dab pen on the market, we believe the Stinger is the perfect product for you. In this article, we’ll explain why.

The Stinger by Rokin Vapes is the best dab rig you’ll ever buy. Priced at just $79.95, the Stinger kit includes everything you need to start dabbing in minutes. View the Stinger dab pen now.

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Most User-Friendly Dab Pen on the Market

One of the reasons why dabbing is such a popular way to vape is because there are so many different ways of doing it. It’s impossible to say how you prefer to dab until you’ve tried it, though, so we think that it’s important for your first dab rig to provide a good balance between ease of use and performance without costing an arm and a leg. Using the Stinger couldn’t possibly be simpler – all that you need to do is preheat the device and touch it to the material you want to vape. When the hot element touches the oil or wax, the material begins to vaporize. You inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece on the other side of the device. That’s it!

The Stinger is up and running in just minutes – and with virtually no effort on your part, you’re enjoying a dabbing experience that’s smooth and flavorful. Using the Stinger is nearly as easy as using a pre-filled vape cartridge, but it’s significantly more potent.

Compatible with Both Waxy and Oily Concentrates

When you buy most traditional vaporizers, you’re making an important decision because you can only ever vape one type of material with that device. A traditional vape pen only works with oily concentrates, and a traditional dab rig only works with waxy concentrates. You’re locked into that one type of concentrate for the entire time you own the device. Suppose you buy one type of vaporizer, only to decide later that you’d like to try a different type of concentrate. In that case, you need to buy an entirely new device – and high-quality vaporizers aren’t cheap.

The Stinger is different from a traditional vape pen or dab rig because it doesn’t force you to use one type of concentrate or the other. That’s because you don’t need to load a tank or cartridge in order to use the Stinger. In fact, you don’t even need to remove the concentrate from its container. You simply need to touch the heating element to the material that you want to vaporize, and the Stinger does the rest. It’s the perfect portable dab rig if you want to experiment with a variety of different materials.

Stinger MultiColor Stand
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Easy to Maintain and Clean

Have you ever seen how complicated some dab rigs are? Between the elaborate piping and glasswork, some dab rigs almost seem like they’re intended more for display than for actual use because there’s almost no chance that you’ll ever be able to clean them without breaking some fragile and expensive glass component. Entry-level dab pens, on the other hand, tend to be more durable because they’re simpler. Good luck trying to clean the components, though, because low-cost dab pens definitely aren’t designed with easy maintenance in mind.

One of the reasons why you’ll love owning the Stinger is because we designed it to be easy to maintain and clean. Dabbing can sometimes be messy. Herbal concentrates are often very thick and sticky, and they’re not easy to clean. Also, as you use your device, residue will condense on the inside of every component in the vapor path. The residue will eventually become thick enough that it’ll begin to affect the device’s flavor quality. You’ll have to clean any vaporizer eventually, and you definitely don’t want maintenance to detract from the experience of owning the device.

When it’s time to clean the Stinger, all that’s required are a few seconds of effort and a little waiting. All that you need to do is remove the device’s tip and bubbler and immerse those components in rubbing alcohol for a couple of hours to dissolve the residue. Remove the components, rinse them in clean water and dry them completely before using your device again.

Smooth, Flavorful and Potent at All Times

So far, this article has focused on convenience and usability because we believe those are the most important aspects of any vaporizer. Having a vaporizer that’s straightforward and easy to maintain, though, doesn’t matter if the device doesn’t also provide a great vaping experience. Here’s why the Stinger is smoother, more flavorful and more potent than any other portable dab rig.

  • The Stinger offers four different power settings of 3.4, 3.6, 3.8 and 4.0 volts. Choose the power level that gives you the desired level of intensity.
  • The built-in glass bubbler provides the smoothness of water filtration without sacrificing portability.
  • The Stinger is made from chemically inert components such as ceramic and glass to ensure maximum flavor quality with every puff.
Stinger Back
This Is the Best Dab Pen on the Market 3

Try the Best Dab Pen Now

In this article, we’ve described the four reasons why the Stinger is the best dab pen on the market. It’s user friendly, easy to maintain and compatible with whatever type of concentrate you want to use. Most importantly, using it is an absolute blast. We know that you’re going to love owning the Stinger. Grab yours now.


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