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The need for wholesale vape cartridges is a constant in virtually every sector of the vaping industry. If you run a vape shop or dispensary, your customers will demand a constant supply of empty vape cartridges. The demand for pre-filled cartridges is equally enormous, though, and you’re going to need a reliable wholesaler if you want to build a vape cartridge brand. For vape shops and cartridge brands alike, Rokin Vapes is the best vape wholesaler in America. Read on to learn why we offer the best wholesale vape cartridges anywhere. Partner with Rokin Vapes now to turbocharge your vape business’s revenue. Create your wholesale account now or learn more about our vape wholesale service. Wholesale vape cartridges

Why Does Rokin Have the Best Wholesale Vape Cartridges?

When it comes to selecting a wholesale supplier for vape cartridges, nothing is more important than the quality of the product. Here at Rokin Vapes, we are proud to offer the best vape cartridges anywhere. Better hardware quality means better flavor and more reliable performance – and that means more repeat business and fewer customer returns. Aside from the quality of our hardware, though, here are just a few of the reasons why Rokin is the best wholesale vape supplier in America.
  • Unlike other vape suppliers that you may have dealt with in the past, our products are in stock and ready to ship immediately. We have the ability to handle extremely large order volumes.
  • Unlike with overseas vape suppliers, the fact that we’re based domestically means you won’t have to worry about long shipping times and customs delays when you order from us. We ship all orders via the best available ground shipping method, with most orders arriving within five business days or less. Our shipping charge is a flat $20 fee for orders under $1,000. For orders over $1,000, shipping is free.
  • We work with businesses of any size and offer the most generous wholesale terms in the vaping industry. For most products, our base wholesale price is about half of the product’s suggested retail price – and we have no minimum order quantity. We also offer a tiered pricing model that increases your business’s profitability by allowing you to enjoy lower prices with higher order quantities.

Rokin Vapes Offers the Best Vape Carts on the Market

Being the best vape wholesaler in America wouldn’t mean a lot if our products didn’t live up to your customers’ high standards. We are proud to be the manufacturer of the world’s best vape cartridges, and we have two options to suit different use cases.
  • Easy-Fill Vape Cartridge: $7.95 MSRP. Wholesale pricing starts at $4.00. The Easy-Fill vape cartridge is a refillable cartridge with a large cup-shaped reservoir to make filing simple and mess free – even without a syringe. This cartridge has an adjustable airflow collar and uses a borosilicate glass enclosure and a ceramic wick for top-quality flavor. The Easy-Fill vape cartridge requires a vaporizer that uses button-based firing and has a capacity of 1.0 ml.
  • Titan 2 Vape Cartridge: $3.75 MSRP. Wholesale pricing starts at $1.43. The Titan 2 vape cartridge is a single-use cartridge that works with both auto-draw and button-based vaporizers and is available with a capacity of 0.5 or 1.0 ml. Unlike many disposable vape cartridges, the Titan 2 uses a glass enclosure rather than a plastic one to ensure maximum flavor quality. This cartridge has a tamper-proof design, making it a natural fit for vape cartridge brands. You can cap the Titan 2 cartridge with the force of your hand, eliminating the need for a capping machine.

Here’s Why Rokin Is the Best Wholesale Partner for Your Vape Cartridge Brand

If you want to start a vape cartridge brand, you don’t just need the hardware – you need the entire package. That’s why Rokin Vapes is a one-stop shop for vape cartridge brands, offering custom packaging with your brand’s logo, text and design. All that you need to do is fill the cartridges and package them. Starting a vape cartridge brand couldn’t possibly be easier. Learn more about our white label vape service.

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