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Disposable vapes are perhaps the most essential products for any business in the vaping industry to carry. Whether your business is a vape shop, a dispensary or a seller of pre-filled vaping products, your customers definitely want to buy disposable vapes. Disposables are the most convenient vaping products on the market because they’re the only products that require no maintenance at all other than periodic charging. You simply use the vape until it runs out of oil – and at that point, you dispose of the device and begin using a new one. Rokin Vapes offers the best wholesale disposable vapes in America. Whether you want to offer empty disposable vapes in your shop or start your own brand and begin selling pre-filled vapes, we’re here to help your revenue reach new heights. It’s time to start your journey with Rokin Vapes as your wholesale vape supplier. Create your account now or learn more about our vape wholesale services. Wholesale Disposable Vapes

Why Is Rokin Vapes the Best Distributor for Wholesale Disposable Vapes?

Having the right wholesale partner can make or break your vape shop or brand, and one of the reasons why Rokin Vapes is the best vape wholesaler is because disposable vapes represent just one of the many product types that you can get here. In addition to disposable vapes, our selection includes 510-threaded vape pens, dab pens, high-quality vape cartridges and more. Working with us as your wholesale supplier means that you can get everything your vape company needs in one place. Here are a few of the other reasons why we are America’s leading vape distributor.
  • We’re a domestic vape supplier based in the United States. Ordering from overseas suppliers can mean that you’ll end up waiting weeks for your products to arrive – and that’s if they get through customs at all. Our products are in stock and ready to ship immediately.
  • We offer the most generous wholesale terms in the vaping industry. Our wholesale prices for most items start at just half of those items’ suggested retail prices – and thanks to our tiered pricing, you can save more by buying more. For disposable vapes, quantity discounts kick in for orders of 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000 units. The minimum order quantity for disposable vapes is 3,000 for unbranded units or 5,000 for units customized with your brand.
  • Our shipping terms are extremely reasonable. Orders over $1,000 ship for free, and orders under that amount carry a flat $20 shipping fee. We always use the best ground shipping method available, and most orders arrive in five business days or sooner.
  • We make the best disposable vapes on the market. In addition to being easy to fill and use, our devices have some great features that aren’t available elsewhere.

Introducing the Rokin Vapes Range of Disposable Vapes

At Rokin Vapes, we offer three different disposable vapes that your customers are going to love. All three devices are available unbranded for sale in vape shops or fully customized for brands that want to sell pre-filled devices. Here’s an introduction to the devices and their features.
  • Voyager: Wholesale pricing starts at $3.70. The Voyager is a traditional pen-shaped disposable vape that holds either 0.5 or 1.0 ml of oil and has a rechargeable 280 mAh battery. The Voyager features simple inhale-based activation, and filling it is the same as filling any traditional vape cartridge.
  • Voyager 2: Wholesale pricing starts at $3.70. The Voyager 2 is a pod-based disposable vape that holds either 0.5 or 1.0 ml of oil and has a rechargeable 280 mAh battery. The Voyager 2 has a unique design that doesn’t have a traditional center post and uses two side-positioned chimneys to provide top-quality flavor and eliminate clogging. The Voyager 2 can operate with a power delivery of 5 or 7 watts.
  • Voyager 3: Wholesale pricing starts at $3.70. The Voyager 3 is a pod-based disposable vape that holds either 0.5 or 1.0 ml of oil and has a rechargeable 280 mAh battery. The Voyager 3 shares the Voyager 2’s post-free technology and has an updated exterior design. Like the Voyager 2, the Voyager 3 can operate at either 5 or 7 watts.

Start Your Own Brand with Rokin White Label Disposable Vapes

Rokin Vapes isn’t just the best supplier of empty wholesale disposable vapes for vape shops – we’re also the ideal partner to choose if you want to create your own brand and begin selling pre-filled vaping products. For each of our disposable vapes, we have several different color schemes available and also have the ability to customize devices with your brand’s logo. Complete your brand with our custom vape packaging. Just fill and box the devices, and you’re ready to launch your vape brand. Learn more about our white label vape service.

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It’s time to elevate your vape company to new heights, and it all begins with choosing the right wholesale partner. Create your Rokin Vapes wholesale account now, and a representative will get in touch shortly to finalize the process.


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