What Types of Businesses Buy Wholesale Vapes from Rokin?

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At Rokin, we are happy to offer America’s best wholesale vapes to small and large businesses both domestic and abroad. Our wholesale products encompass every major category in the herbal vaping industry including 510-thread batteries, dab pens, dry herb vaporizers, vape cartridges and more – and we strive to offer the most competitive wholesale prices anywhere.

Even if you don’t own a business in the vaping industry, you’re certainly aware that vape shops get their products from wholesalers. However, you might not know about the incredible variety of different businesses that we serve here at Rokin as a wholesale vape distributor. Our wholesale customers aren’t just vape shops, and they aren’t all retailers. What types of businesses buy wholesale vapes from Rokin? Here are just a few examples of our valued customers.

Traditional and Alternative Vape Shops

The term “vape shop” can refer to a store that sells e-liquid-based devices or one that sells herbal vapes like those on this site. It can also refer to a brick-and-mortar store or an online seller. There’s plenty of overlap between these categories, and that’s why vape shops of all types buy from us.

  • If your business is like Olofly and focuses on herbal vapes, products from Rokin are natural fits for your shop. Our vape devices are rock solid and reliable, and our brand is well known and well regarded by consumers. Offering our products will reflect well on your business.
  • If your business focuses on e-liquid vaping products, you’re missing out on an important potential revenue stream if you don’t offer herbal vaporizers as well. Although there certainly are some consumers who use both e-liquid and herbal vaping products, there’s also a significant contingent of people who use herbal products but don’t use nicotine at all. Those people will never enter your store if you don’t carry the products they want.
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Head Shops

Head shops are companies that specialize in herbal goods and traditionally focus on smoking accessories like glassware and rolling papers. Traditional head shops that only sell smoking products, though, are rapidly becoming obsolete because smokers – even those who only smoke herbs – are switching to vaping by the millions.

People are tired of the social challenges that go along with smoking. They don’t want to deal with finding smell-proof storage for their herbs, and smoking is impractical or impossible for those who live in multi-resident buildings. Moreover, herbal concentrates aren’t just more discreet than smoked herbs – they’re also more potent. Often, people who try vape pens or dab pens never look back and never smoke again. Any head shop that doesn’t carry vaping products is missing out on a crucial revenue stream at the very least and may even risk becoming entirely obsolete.


The mass migration from vaping to smoking isn’t just affecting head shops – it’s also had a major impact on regulated dispensaries for the same reasons. Anyone who buys cannabis – whether it’s for recreational or medical use – will benefit from a mode of consumption that allows them to reach their desired state more quickly, and that’s exactly what vaping provides.

Dispensaries don’t just sell cannabis; they also sell the implements for using it. For the modern medical or recreational user, dry herbs and rolling papers are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Today’s customers are looking for dab pens, 510-thread batteries and both pre-filled and refillable cartridges. Dispensaries that don’t carry these products are undoubtedly missing out on revenue.

Tobacco and Smoke Shops

The traditional tobacconist or smoke shop is another type of business that’s been in decline for the past several years since the advent of vaping. The mass migration to vaping isn’t just affecting local smoke shops – it’s also caused a major decline in revenue for Big Tobacco companies like Altria.

Even if your business focuses purely on tobacco and doesn’t sell herbal products or alternative nicotine products at all, you could still benefit from working with Rokin as a wholesale supplier because using a dry herb vaporizer is the perfect way to enjoy the authentic flavor of real tobacco without the harshness and foul smell of smoke. Many former tobacco smokers have switched to tobacco vaping, and they love the experience.

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Vaporizer Brands

At Rokin Vapes, we don’t just sell vaporizers and cartridges under the Rokin brand name – we also offer an extensive white-label service that makes it possible for you to launch your own vaporizer brand without the enormous expense of developing new products from scratch.

Partnering with us as your white-label supplier means that you’ll be giving your vape empire a solid foundation because you’ll be selling hardware that’s reliable, battle tested and used by millions of happy vapers around the world. We can customize almost any aspect of our devices including their colors, their features and more. We can even place your logo directly on the hardware. Our white-label vapes come in custom retail-ready packaging with your branding, and they’re ready to sell immediately.

Pre-Filled Cartridge Brands

Without a doubt, 510-thread batteries and vape cartridges are some of the most popular vaping products on the market today – and that means starting your own pre-filled cartridge brand is a great way to break into the vaping industry and earn amazing revenue.

If you’ve tried a few different brands of pre-filled vape cartridges, though, you’ve learned that many of them can be quite problematic. Low-quality vape carts leak in their packages, and they’re also susceptible to clogging. These problems lead to returns, which reduce your revenue and can also harm your brand’s reputation.

Our Titan 2 cartridge is the ultimate product for pre-filled cartridge brands. It uses a ceramic mouthpiece and borosilicate glass enclosure for maximum flavor quality, and it has a 1.2-ohm vertical coil with a ceramic wick for reliable performance even with very thick oils. The Titan 2 cartridge works with both button-firing and auto-draw vape pens, and the hand-press mouthpiece doesn’t require a capping machine. You won’t find a better vape cart anywhere.

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Vape Distributors

Our wholesale customers aren’t just retailers – they’re also distributors. We happily offer discounts over and above our standard wholesale prices. With our tiered pricing model, your price per unit decreases with higher order volumes. For a vape distributor, carrying the Rokin brand makes perfect sense because vape shop owners love working with distributors that allow them to get everything they need in one place. Vape shops across the world are expanding their product offerings to include herbal vapes, and you won’t find a better vape pen, dab pen or dry herb vape than one that bears the Rokin name.


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