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The Stache 3-Piece Grynder is one of my favorite cannabis grinders around. This grinder is simple and gets the job does efficiently. Its rounded teeth massage your flower apart while preserving the most THC content and keeping your flower potent.

The 3-Piece Grynder model could be said to be the base model of the Grynder. It is made up of all the base features, and comes with a logo’d wooden finish on the top of the unit. It is devoid of any storage, and is also without a pollen screen. In this way, all the valuable compounds and terpenes that would be separated during the grinding process and with the pollen screen are all kept together with the ground herb.

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The 3-piece Stache Grynder is designed to mitigate all of these issues with its innovative design that features:

  • Micro rounded-teeth
  • Beveled Edges
  • 6063 Aviation anodized aluminum
  • Pollen Scraper and Brush

Most metal herb grinders are designed with flat edges in the interior, allowing for buildup of plant matter in corners, leading to grinders getting stuck. Not only does it make using the grinder more difficult, it is stealing the quality of your dry herb as terpenes and other compounds are gathered in the edges rather than sticking to the ground material. The Stache Grynder has rounded edges all-throughout the interior. This means that the already reduced amount of stripped plant material and beneficial compounds are naturally funneling into the bottom chamber! There are no right-angles for dry herb to collect.

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