510 Threaded Charger


This 510 threaded charger connects any any 510 threaded battery. The easy to use connection to a USB port makes this is simple to use charger.

Compatible with the Rokin QuickDraw batteries.

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» 510 threaded to USB connection
» Connects to Rokin QuickDraw battery
» Certified to the latest CE directive
» Black with the Rokin "R" logo

510-Threaded Vape Pen Charger

If you’ve lost or broken the charger for your vape pen, we’ve got the replacement right here. This 510-threaded vape pen charger has a compact design for durability and easy storage and a built-in status light to let you know when the charging cycle is complete.

How to Use a 510-Threaded Battery Charger

One of the reasons why 510-thread batteries are so popular is because they’re so easy to use – and that’s equally true of charging your vape pen. To use this 510-threaded battery charger, all that you need to do is connect the battery’s threading to the charger and connect the charger to your computer’s USB port. The charger’s LED illuminates to show that that the charge cycle has begun. Disconnect the charger from your computer when the LED’s color changes.

Don’t clean a vape pen charger with liquid. If oil or dust gets caught in the charger’s threading, you can use a thin non-metal tool such as a toothpick to remove it.


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