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Stainless Steel Dab Tool
» For use with Concentrates

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Stainless Steel Dab Tool
» For Concentrates

Dab Tool for Wax Concentrates

If you want to put a precise serving of wax in your dab pen, you need the right tool for the job. Wax concentrates can be extremely sticky, and a good dab tool makes it easy to dispense exactly the amount you want without making a mess.

This stainless-steel dab tool is the perfect tool for wax vaping. It’s strong and corrosion resistant and should last a lifetime if you care for it. The tool has a pick on one end and a scoop on the other, and the middle section is knurled to ensure that you won’t lose your grip.

How to Use a Dab Tool

Using a dab tool is very easy. With most wax concentrates, you’ll simply use the dab tool’s scoop to retrieve a small serving of wax and place it in the middle of your wax atomizer. If you’re working with a harder wax, you can use the pick end of the dab tool to break the wax into smaller pieces. The dab tool’s pick is also useful for scraping residue out of your vaporizer.

Since our dab tool is made from stainless steel, you can safely heat the tip and use it to soften concentrates that might otherwise be too difficult to dispense. Simply hold the tool in the flame of a lighter for a few seconds before pressing it through your wax. Be careful not to let the dab tool get too hot, though, or you might vaporize your material prematurely.

It’s generally unnecessary to clean a dab tool because you can remove most excess wax simply by wiping it away. If your dab tool needs a deeper cleaning, soak it in rubbing alcohol for an hour and rinse it in fresh water to remove any remaining residue.


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